99.999 % of all materials for the Banana Bungee were sourced in the USA. That last little bit -the stainless steel clamp holding the webbing –is the only thing I haven’t confirmed. We buy in bulk our bungee cord (…made in Rhode Island) and our characteristic yellow pull-tab webbing (…made in Alabama). The mold was manufactured in Pearland, Texas and the injection molding (using an FDA approved colorant) is performed in North Houston. And it is completely hand assembled in the Houston Metropolitan area.

Now this question I really really appreciate. Yes, the “provided ‘eye screw’” is in the package! I promise…. When you receive your Banana Bungee remove it AND the package wrapper from the clear logo box. I did such a good job of securing the ‘eye screw’ that this has been the cause of frustration for a few good customers #returns, #singlestarratings. Remove the wrapper and you will find it taped to an inside fold! #promise

Good question. The uniqueness stems from the housing and coupling of a very high tensile bungee cords. Compare this to the ubiquitous rigid single-hook designs that have permeated the market. Bananas love suspension (avoiding surface contact) which enables natural airflow. The non-rigid design of The Banana Bungee encourages the banana connoisseur to simply stabilize their hand near the top of the bunch and simply remove the desired banana. Completely avoiding over handling which is one of the main culprits to premature and excessive browning and bruising!

Perfect question. The Banana Bungee is comprised of four (4) high tensile bungee cords. To effectively suspend an average hand or bunch of bananas–you really only require two (2) of the beaded strands. The other two are free to form a simple twist (the initial formation of a square knot). This will effectively create a loop in which you insert the natural stem of single banana. A slight pull on the tabs and voila! I encourage you to seek out and watch the video to see this in action. This loop actually stays in place at home as it is so frequently used.